Me And The Devil

Gil Scott-Heron – „Me And The Devil“ from Adam F. on Vimeo. „The first time I heard there was trouble in the Middle East, I thought they were talking about Pittsburgh“ Gil Scott-Heron


…Ich schreibe nicht für jemanden. Das ist das Letzte, wenn man sich dazu entwürdigt!…Wenn Sie sich darum kümmern, was sie(die Leute) denken, haben Sie es mit Lesern zu tun, mit dem Leser, das sagt schon alles!…Nein kein Bedarf, er liest, um so besser, wenn es ihn nicht gefällt, was soll’s? …Wenn mir Ihre Zeitung eine […]

Schöne EMAF Playlist

„Matthias Fritsch posts videos without sound tracks on the web with the request to produce music for these films and to republish it together with the video. Numerous examples of interesting video tracks, which he received from all over the world, can be seen and heard in his interactive installation. M. Fritsch will also give […]

let them make noise

„French artist Celeste Boursier-Mougenot is annoying the shit out of some Zebra Finches at the Barbican Centre in London with his latest exhibit that „draws on the rhythms of daily life to produce sound in unexpected ways.“ The sweet little finches are in an enclosure with plugged-in electric guitars, upon which they perch and build […]

T.Rex – Organ Blues

We make feasties of the beasties But the beasties just live in the wild You know that you’re slower now And you were faster when you were A child Yes you were.