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Bester Satz zur Ukraine: „Frieden und Freiheit in Europa haben kein Preisschild“ (unsere Außenministerin)

Ich erlaube mir mal, das zu übersetzen: Wenn ihr euch bald die Eier abfriert, oder pleite seid, wisst ihr, wer schuld ist: DIE RUSSEN!


Re: Can I trust you

Good day,

How are you doing today? I am the former financial adviser to Mubarak, before the uprising started in Egypt; I resigned my duty because of the way I was treated by the son of the former Egyptian president. I will tell you about that in details when we fully become partners. There are funds which was moved out from Egypt through a diplomatic courier service based in Turkey, the arrangement was made by me to move the cash out because the underground bunker where the cash are packed where fully loaded so I suggested that we move the funds out in raw cash through a diplomatic courier service. The boxes where tagged as family valuables and treasure valued at One hundred million dollars, so I managed to divert the funds to another location in Europe now where the funds are now safe guarded.

Reason why I contacted is because I cannot move from my present location because of the issues/problem surrounding my boss Mubarak, so I want to lay low at the moment till this hit is over but I don’t want these funds to stay too long in the security vault where is deposited. I want you to stand out as the rightful beneficiary of these funds which was deposited in a security vault in Europe. I can provide you with all the necessary documentations which will empower you to make this claim as the beneficiary of the said funds, but I want you to assure me that you will not let me down once you have these funds in your possession and as well one passionate appeal I will make to you is not to discuss this matter with anybody because of the issues surrounding my boss at the moment. I want you to understand that everything about this deal is 100 percent secured and any information given to me will be secured as I shall not want any information to reach a third party. This is a pure deal and in any case with the doc

Abba Hassan

… dear Mr Hassan – count me in!