Hätten sie es gewusst? ich weiss nix Kunst

Kunsthistoriker-Hypnose durch MS-Paint blingbling

Tom Moody, OptiDisc, 2005

Dyer describes the way that affective codes work “at the level of sensibility,”[17] by which he means, “an affective code that is characteristic of, and largely specific to, a given mode of cultural production.”[18] Non-representational codes, for Dyer, do have iconic resemblance, but it operates at the level of “basic structuration.”[19] The patterns of the artwork are analogous to the physiological patterns of sentience in the viewer.[20] Engaging the viewer’s perceptual system directly — within the codes and conventions of online production — OptiDisc is very present, functioning more like a felt sensation than a merely visual observation.[21]

artandeducation.net, The Affect of Animated GIFs (Tom Moody, Petra Cortright, Lorna Mills)