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modern times

„Advice to Married Men – Don’t you care when your wife says angrily, „Don’t tell me, I know you heard me. I called you all day and your wireless telephone was in perfect condition when you fastened it to your hat this morning when you left the house.“

Affect a look of surprise and reply, „Don’t be angry dear. I forgot to take off my rubbers and wore them all day.“ 

Washington Post vom 20. Februar 1910, transkribiert von paleo-future

Ella said,

Januar 26, 2009 @ 06:47

Anna! Is it you writing this? Where the hell have you dissapeared to?
I no longer have a way of getting in touch with you since you apparently no longer believe in modern communication.
Luke and I found an apartment with another girl Delphine in Prospect Heights. Come and visit us!!

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